Gozleme King

“Great working with Ozzie! Very informative and straightforward. No mucking around” – Koray Kizilkaya

Bite Local

“Ozzie from BPF has such a solid understanding of business and franchising. He was able to immediately identify strengths and weaknesses of our business model and tackle how to improve and exploit. Ozzie and his team helped formulate a detailed strategy and worked through each part of the plan with us. I cant thank Ozzie enough for his invaluable support.” – Dave Wilton

The Fluid Project

“Ozzie has been extremely instrumental in helping us grow our business. Franchising is a completely new concept to us and we see as the wild wild west. So for someone with experience to come and help guide us in this journey, we’re extremely grateful. Ozzie has been on both ends of the stick and has some real world experience to share. Definitely recommend him to help you grow in the franchising space.” – Allen Fu